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About Ar-jay's Upholstery

Ar-Jay's Upholstery is a family business; with three generations melding their varied skills together to create a company that can successfully tackle the most complex upholstery jobs on many elite classic cars and custom yachts. Trust is what we really sell. Owners of classic cars, boats and airplanes come to us because they know our upholstery workmanship is without equal. We simply don't settle for "acceptable." But don't mistake the quality of our craftsmanship with outrageously high prices. Businesses like ours were built on fair prices for outstanding work. Please give us a call for a quote at 619-985-80_85


Upholstery Hog Ring Plyers used to install upholstery onto seats
Automotive Upholstery Scissors
ArJays Upholstery Automotive Services

Family Owned Upholstery Shop

Family pride is what makes Ar-Jay's Upholstery the best in the business. We treat all of our customers like an extended family, and maintain strong relationships with them. Our reputation depends on our customer's satisfaction..
ArJays Upholstery Boat Interior Services

Highly Skilled Upholstery Trimmers

We work hard to be the best in the upholstery business. Our combined skills and talents allows us to produce the highest quality upholstery work in the industry. Seeing is believing, so please stop by our upholstery shop to see for yourself. .
ArJays Upholstery Airplane Interior Services

Ar-Jays Uses Quality Materials

Great work starts with quality materials. We only use the best upholstery materials on the market. We match the best leather, vinyl and carpet materials to each individual interior job. Cheap materials can look good, but will not last..
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